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Funeral cover with
cashback every year!*

Value in your pocket every year
with Rewards on premiums.

Combining trusted global
funeral cover partner

Combining trusted global funeral cover partner

Why wait? Let us cover you today.

Get value back in your pocket every year and guaranteed payouts on all valid claims

Rewards in your pocket every year

  • Earn Rewards for every 12 consecutive premiums paid
  • You choose your Rewards
  • Option A – R240 cashback benefit once-off
  • Option B – 2nd funeral policy with up to R50 000 funeral cover for you as the main member (valid for 12 months)

Rewards are automatically included at no extra cost to you

Protect yourself and your loved ones

Get your first claim payout within hours

Complete a quick and easy signup

We aim to bring South Africans the best funeral cover solutions that are:

Meaningful, relevant and valuable

Easy and affordable for all

Innovative, transparent and accessible

Different, resilient and diverse

Our friendly agents are on standby to tell you more.

Our funeral cover, tailored to you

Our unique cover options are designed to support you and your loved ones in times when they have other things to worry about.

Which age groups are covered?

  • • Main member and spouse between 18 and 65
  • • Children under the age of 22
  • • Extended family between 1 and 75

How do the Rewards work?

  • • You get Rewards at no extra cost when you buy a funeral plan from Micro Insurance Solutions
  • • For every 12 consecutive premiums paid, you earn an additional Reward at no extra cost
  • • For every additional 12 consecutive premiums, you get even more Rewards
  • • You have the choice to redeem your Rewards in one of two ways:
    *A once-off payout of R240 into your account OR
    *A 2nd policy for the main member only. This means you have more cover in the event of your death. This policy is only valid for 12 months
  • • Rewards are automatically included at no extra cost to you
  • • **The 2 policy cover amount depends on your age group:
    18–30: R50 000
    31–40: R40 000
    41–50: R20 000
    51–70: R15 000
  • • You can choose how you want to redeem your Value Account every time it recharges.

What funeral cover amounts are available?

  • • Main member and spouse – from R10 000 to R100 000
  • • Children – either R10 000 or R20 000
  • • Extended family members – from R5 000 to R50 000

Don’t wait until it’s too late!